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The Hidden Gem of Resume Writing Tips Star Method

The Hidden Gem of Resume Writing Tips Star Method Thus, such selection will certainly help you in planning your resume performance, well ahead of time. To assist you in getting started, weve got an extensive library of resume templates that are totally free to download. Each resume format has their own set of benefits and disadvantages for various kinds of job seekers, so make sure to select wisely. For instance, a business resume template will take into consideration the positional requirements of a company, then provide the format that will serve the candidates individual requirements. Want to Know More About Resume Writing Tips Star Method? The STAR strategy to putting together a CV stipulates a good framework to work to, and provides an effective means of succinctly demonstrating your qualities and the way they are sometimes put to practical use at work. If you are a newcomer to government job applications using STAR can actually help you begin. Why Alfruchtwein Everythi ng Youve Learned About Resume Writing Tips Star Method Is Wrong The strain of losing a job is simply compounded whenever you do not possess a strong, updated resume. Attempt to know the market of the organization youre asking for work, and identify what type of difficulties they could be going through. When it has to do with finding work, you most likely already know you ought to tailor to your resume to the job announcement. Submitting an amazing CV with your work application is just the very first step in the practice of landing your next dream job, but should you get your CV wrong your likelihood of succeeding could be foiled before your abilities have the opportunity to generate a great impression. The Basics of Resume Writing Tips Star Method Spend some time matching your qualifications to the job to make certain youre including the proper keyword phrases and techniques. Behavioral questions are not the same as other kinds of interview questions since they call for a tr ue example from your prior work experience that indicates you possess a particular skill. Examples Dividing experience into professional and entrepreneurial sections when you have significant knowledge in every area. Learn about the three sorts of skills youll be able to highlight and the way youre able to incorporate them into your resume. The Key to Successful Resume Writing Tips Star Method Its also important to think about the type of work you genuinely wish to be hired to do. Try to remember, HR people have plenty of resumes to examine and not lots of time. If youre asked about a troublesome expertise at work, thats not a terrible thing. The majority of the times your prior work experience will be the absolute most significant part the resume, so put it at the top. You should have the ability to identify what profile they are seeking and the way the info ought to be presented. There are many unique tactics to organize the info on your resume, but the excellent old re verse chronological (where your latest experience is listed first) is still your best option. Analyze job ads You will see tons of helpful info on job ads.

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How to Make a Career Change in Your 30s

How to Make a Career Change in Your 30sHow to Make a Career Change in Your 30sThe Playbook for a Career Change in Your 30sEverything you need to know to leave your current job with confidence - and abflug a new career that youll love.I have spent 4 years getting a degree in accounting, then built a career as an auditor at a mid-sized firm. I am thinking about leaving my job to become a nurse. Is this completely irresponsible and insane? Is it too late? Or should I follow my heart and go for it, even if Im in my 30s?You might think that questions like this are an exception, not the norm and you would be mistaken. No matter which numbers you turn to, theres no denying that todays professionals are changing jobs (and careers) frequently. A survey from the University of Phoenix reveals that nearly three-quarters of professionals in their 30s are interested in changing careers. So, youre definitely not alone And, despite common misconceptions, you may actually have a leg up compared to brand-new college grads in that field.For one, you have an established track record and a professional history, and have demonstrated character traits and work habits. The employer may see your experience elsewhere as a bonus and an opportunity for cross-pollination of best practices. After all, great ideas are often born at the intersection of seemingly unrelated fields and experiencesOn the other hand, a complete career change in your 30s carries a fair amount of risk, too. You may need additional training. In the case above, combining nursing school with a full-time job in accounting would be impractical. Shell need a plan for covering her living expenses and tuition without a reliable paycheck from her current job. And, once you land a job in your new career, you may experience a pay cut while you work your way up the ranks. So, what should you do?Begin with whyFor one, you will have to face the Why? question from your concerned parents, surprised co-workers, and befuddled frien ds. You may as well spend some time crafting a good answerIn all seriousness, being able to crystallize your why isnt for other peoples benefit its for you. Yes, there is less stigma these days about changing careers, but thats not an excuse to take it lightlyPerhaps you didnt get to choose your current career but instead followed that path at the urging of your well-intentioned family members. Maybe youve developed a strong interest in an emerging field that didnt exist as a career option when you were in school. Or maybe youve had a major change in perspective. Find and verbalize your reason why, because you will need to tap into its power when you inevitably hit some road bumps.Understand the trade-offsLets start by busting a few common stereotypes about a career change in your 30sNo, its not too late to try something new. You have another 3040 productive years ahead of youNo, your age wont be an automatic turn-off for your future employers. Many employers actually prefer candid ates with an established track record.No, its not a complete waste of the money youve invested in your education so far, or the time youve spent pursuing your first career. Many skills and experiences are transferable.Having said that, it would be dishonest to imply that you wont have to make some sacrifices. If you have to go back to school, you might have to give up the steady paycheck from your current job. You need to think through your lifestyle choices and financial reserves, as well as consider ways to pay for additional education.RelatedHow Does Money Come in During a Career Change?You must also be prepared to start closer to the bottom of the ladder once employed in your new field of choice. For example, if the person above leaves their current job as an accounting manager to become a nurse, they cant expect to step into the role of a charge nurse immediately.Trade-offs shouldnt automatically discourage you from pursuing your dream but they should force you to stress-test your willingness and ability to endure hardship. After all, rose-colored glasses wont help you when you step off the cliff with no safety net to catch youMaster the languageYou may not have spent years in your new field (yet), but it doesnt mean you know nothing about it. Many principles and approaches youve learned so far will remain relevant and useful. You may just need to dress them up in new clothesBegin by reading job descriptions and LinkedIn profiles for professionals in the industry that interests you. Be sure to make note of any keywords that you see over and over again and research any terms you dont fully understand. If your new field has any thought leaders who host a podcast or have a blog, it could be a fantastic entry point for picking up the language of the craftConnection is everythingWhen you are changing careers in your 30s, effective networking isnt just something you do if and when you feel up to it. Being able to connect to the right people may spell the diff erence between launching a fantastically successful second career and languishing in job board limbo.Dont know anyone in the new field? Not to worry Thats what your second- and third-degree connections are for Tap into who you already know, ask for introductions, and you will be amazed at how connected the professional world really is.One word of caution Its wise to remember that networking works best when it benefits everyone. Take some time to reconnect with your network and to add value before you ask for favors.RelatedLost Touch? How to Reconnect With People in Your NetworkLeverage your experience and strengthsWhen you are starting something completely new, its easy to feel like a first-grader surrounded by high-school grads. Dont get intimidated Yes, you have much to learn and you already know so much.If you are struggling with imposter syndrome, set aside a couple of hours to do a full inventory of your professional experience so far. Focus on transferable skills, experience s that have taught you something valuable, and ways you can contribute to your new field. This may be difficult at first, but trust that the dots will connect.Everything you need to know about making a career change in your 30sA career change in your 30s is possible. Todays professional world is full of opportunities that didnt exist two decades ago, and its also a lot more accepting of those who chose to begin something new. However, its wise to acknowledge that you are no longer in your 20s. Yes, you have plenty of options in front of you, but you may also have financial and personal responsibilities that cant be renegotiated.Pursuing a new professional track means taking on a risk. Go in with eyes wide open. Do your research, purple drank on your network, and prepare a financial cushion that will buffer the inevitable discomfort while you build up your traction.Finally, enlist the help of experts, especially when it comes to your new resume. A successful job search will likely re quire a complete overhaul of how you present your career, skills, and accomplishments on your resume.Looking to make a career change and want to ensure your resume is up to the task? Submit it now for an expert review on usOur career advice expert, Amanda Augustine, recently shared her tips on career change in your 30s with Create Cultivate. Click here to read the full article.Recommended ReadingLooking to Change Careers? First, Make a Skills ListTips to Help Determine If Its Time for a Career ChangeCareer Quiz Is It Time for a Career Change?

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How Addressing an Alcohol Problem Now Can Boost Your Professional Success Later

How Addressing an Alcohol Problem Now Can Boost Your Professional Success Later How Addressing an Alcohol Problem Now Can Boost Your Professional Success Later If youre looking to get ahead in your career, going to rehab for an alcohol herausforderung is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Time spent in inpatient rehab for any mental health problem - especially for a substance addiction, which can carry a heavier negative stigma than other mental health conditions - is not exactly a big resume-builder.What many people dont know, however, is that addressing an alcohol problem now can have apretty significant professional payoff in the future.A Harvard study followed several hundred men over the course of 55 years, monitoring their drinking habits. The researchers found that problem drinkers who successfully achieved abstinence from alcohol and were able to sustain their recovery experienced the following positive long-term outcomesBetter physical and psychological hea lthGreater enjoyment in their marital and family livesOccupational successIt may go without saying that these three very important positive outcomes are mutually reinforcing. Better physical and psychological health, or a higher level of happiness in a relationship with a significant other, naturallyhas an impact on job performance and professional satisfaction.How Long-Term Alcohol Rehab Improves Quality of Life and Employment ProspectsSuch findings regarding the link between successful long-term recovery from alcohol andjob success align closely with my own mora anecdotal observations as a clinician working with alcoholics in early recovery. Those first days and weeks of abstinence can be fraught with anxiety, depression, and other uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. As time progresses and clients stick with an individualized plan of medical and clinical care, they report higher levels of self-acceptance, greater connectedness to others, and reductions in withdrawal-related symptom s of distress.Moreover, in the first three months after rehab, many clients report they are successfully employed in a job or enrolled full-time as a student and have a better overall quality of life.Whats the explanation for these mutually reinforcing, job-related outcomes of rehab? Most inpatient rehab and intensive outpatient alcohol treatment programs spend a lot of time helping clients develop life skills, including self-care, tools for effective stress management, and healthy interpersonal communication.In plus-rechnen to these critical life skills, a high-quality rehab program will encourage clients to develop many of the character attributes that employers look for when considering job applicants, includingPunctuality and dependabilityHonesty and trustworthinessResponsibility for ones duties and mistakesSelf-disciplineGood personal hygieneMutual respect and a positive team-player attitudeAdditionally, most high-quality rehab programs devote time to helping clients prepare fo r their post-rehab vocational lives. That way, clients can smoothly transition back into their jobs or find other jobs that better suit their commitment to recovery. This rehabilitative process can involve career counseling, helping clients practice for job interviews, resume preparation, and developing better organizational and time management skills.The Professional Costs of Not Addressing an Alcohol ProblemOn the flip side of these benefits of getting treatment are the exorbitant professional and occupational costs of not proactively addressing an alcohol problem. The longer problem drinking goes untreated, the more severe the problem and its consequences.The impact of alcoholism in the workplace, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, can includeTardiness or sleeping on the jobAbsenteeismPoor decision-makingPost-drinking effects (such as a hangover) that affect job performanceWorkplace theftPoor moraleRelationship problems with colleagues or supervi sorsSuch alcohol-related issues will do nothing to help your career, eventually causing even the highest-functioning alcoholic to take a professional nosedive.- If you feel you may struggle with adrinking problem, it is possible that alcohol rehab will be an invaluable investment in your personal and professional futures. Rehab can protect your job from the negative consequences of your drinking and better equip you with the tools and life skills youll need to take your career to the next level. It is even possible that in rehab youll find a renewed sense of purpose for what you do - or discover a whole new vocation that is more rewarding than you could have ever imagined.Anna Ciulla is the vice president of clinical and medical services at Beach House Center for Recovery.

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The 9 Best Pet Trade Shows

The 9 Best Pet Trade ShowsThe 9 Best Pet Trade ShowsThere are many major pet industry trade shows that promote professional networking, education, and innovation. Pet industry professionals can benefit greatly from attending these veranstaltungs. Here is a sampling of the most popular trade shows Progressive Pet Products P3 is a large trade show that is held each September in Chicago. The show features innovative new products, grooming events, educational events, many all-natural products, cash and prize giveaways, and a buyer rewards program. Registration is available at no cost those who are unable to attend may register to view an encore webinar of the event. The Global Pet Expo The Global Pet Expo (to be hosted by Orlando, Florida through 2019) is one of the largest pet industry trade shows. In its tenth year (2014) the Expo drew mora than 5,500 buyers, launched 3,000 new products, and drew more than 14,000 total attendees. The event is traditionally held in March and is only open to retailers, distributors, buyers, and other qualified professionals. Groom Expo Groom Expo is one of the worlds largest pet grooming trade shows. It takes place annually in September at the convention center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The popular event includes grooming competitions (including the PetSmart Groom Olympics), educational seminars, demonstrations, a trade show with more than 170 booths, and more. Groom Expo welcomes all pet industry professionals and hobbyists including groomers, trainers, show handlers, and others with an interest in the industry. Intergroom Intergroom is also one of the largest international pet grooming trade shows. The event draws more than 2,000 dog and cat groomers from 20 countries each year. The program includes competitions, educational seminars, and a large trade show exhibition. Interzoo Interzoois an international pet trade show that is held every two years in Nuremberg, Germany. The event draws more than 1,700 exhibit ors from over 60 countries and it boasts more than 37,000 total attendees, making it the largest show in the European market. National Pet Industry Trade Show (Canada) The Pet Industry Joint Council (PIJAC) hosts the National Pet Industry Trade Show, the largest event of its kind in Canada. The event takes place each September and is the largest of four shows hosted by PIJAC. The show features a variety of educational workshops on topics such as grooming, first aid, nutrition, and care. There are also networking events and celebrity speakers. The trade show offers free registration, though there are fees for most educational workshops. PATS (United Kingdom) The PATS show is the largest show of its kind in the United Kingdom. Registration is free and includes access to all seminars and demonstrations, parking, exhibitor catalog, and tea or coffee. The show features more than 160 exhibitors and draws nearly 2,000 industry professionals each year. The event is only open to pet industry professionals such as distributors, manufacturers, retailers, or others with a vested interest in the pet supplies market. SuperZoo SuperZoo is a three-day event for pet retailers and is billed as the largest and fastest growing trade show in the industry. The show is held in Las Vegas each July and draws approximately 1,000 exhibitors each year. Events include a particularly large educational program called SuperZoo University, networking mixers, a grooming competition, and a large exhibition of industry products. Zoomark International Zoomark International is a four-day pet industry show held every two years in Bologna, Italy. It is billed as the second largest European pet trade show (behind Germanys Interzoo show). The show is restricted to pet industry professionals such as distributors, retailers, dealers, and manufacturers.

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Drawdown Vets Need Help with Federal Job Applications

Drawdown Vets Need Help with Federal Job ApplicationsDrawdown Vets Need Help with Federal Job ApplicationsDrawdown Vets Need Help with Federal Job ApplicationsWithout a strong federal style resume, a returning veteran can be overlookedNew Military to Federal Career Guide 2nd Ed., walks them through the resume writing processBaltimore, MD, August 6, 2010In a speech Aug. 2 to a veterans organization, President Barack Obama announced that our combat mission in Iraq will conclude as promised by August 31st. He also noted that 90,000 military service members will have returned by then. Since the government emphasizes hiring vets, the federal job market is one of the best for vets leaving the military. However, few vets are familiar with writing a federal-style resume, let alone one that stands out. Thus they often apply for government positions with private industry resumes that are too short, too dense, too filled with military jargon, and too lacking in an emphasis on the skills and exp erience federal HR needs.No matter how much the government emphasizes hiring vets, or what job fairs present, or what jobs are open on USAJOBS.GOV, veterans still must have an excellent, targeted federal resume that demonstrates their best qualifications, notes Kathryn Troutman, author of the Military to Federal Career Guide, 2nd edition (released in June). Thats why I wrote this book.The new 2nd edition of the Military to Federal Career Guide has been streamlined with fewer pages (136 pp. down from 400 pp.), an easy-to-follow step-by-step format, non-complex writing, and a reasonable price ($18.95 paper, $14.95 ebook). Both the books and CD-ROM feature six case studies that provide inspiration and models for proper federal resume writing. (The case studies in the book are based on actual people, with names and some details changed.)Jeremy D. Duttons case study is an excellent example of how a vets resume can come across as unimpressive without having sample resumes to study. Dutton had served as a Helicopter Crew Chief in Iraq without a loss of life or aircraft on any of his missions. When he wrote his before resume, he had been out of the military for two years, had gone back to school for a degree in Government Public Policy under the GI bill, and was working as a bartender. Troutman notes that his original resume (which is on the CD-ROM for comparison) left out Jeremys new college degree, which he did finish, his 3.7 GPA average, all his honors and awards, his training and certifications in the military, his accomplishments, and crucial details of his work as a Team Leader in the Marine Corps. Troutman says that his original resume was so generic and typical that he would never have stood out as a good candidate for a management position in government.It can be difficult to find a job while still stationed overseas, especially in a war zone, notes Resume Place spokesperson Diane Hudson Burns. Even so, tzu siche are things that they can do as they anticipa te coming home from Iraq and leaving the service. For instance, she says that they can start thinking about what types of federal jobs they want to apply for when they return to the United States. They can put an alert on their account at USAJOBS.GOV (the federal governments official job site) so announcements will be emailed to them related to sought-after job categories. They can study the announcements for keywords and other language to use in their resumes. They can write a list of their Top 10 Accomplishments (explained in the book) to integrate into their resumes. And they can start writing their federal resume with the help of the eBook version of the Military to Federal Career Guide. That way, once they get home, theyll be ready to jump into their job search campaign. (Some military service personnel have friends and family back home send in the resumes ahead of time.)Last November, the President issued an Executive bestellung emphasizing the importance of hiring vets in the federal government. So now is a good time for veterans to apply for federal jobs, which pay $67,691 on average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But as a veteran recently commented to Troutman, the most important element in landing a federal position is taking the necessary action. He had recently transitioned from military to civilian life and he said, You know, being successful at this is really up to the veteran. I agree. What I offer in the book are tools that will make this effort go more smoothly. The veteran needs to supply the time for the job search, perseverance and determination.For interviews, please contact Diane Hudson Burns at 208.323.9636.About the BookThe Military to Federal Career Guide is one of six books by Troutman on federal careers available at Go to http//localhost/books/military-to-federal-career-guide/ for immediate access to the ebook. ($14.95 ebook/$18.95 paper 136 pp. accompanying CD-Rom has type-over federal resume and cover letter templates.)About the Author Resume Place Kathryn Troutman has over 30 years experience in the federal marketplace. In addition to publishing, her company the Resume Place also offers resume writing and federal job-search coaching services.

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Happiest Woman in America has a Flexible Job - FlexJobs

Happiest Woman in America has a Flexible Job - FlexJobsHappiest Woman in America has a Flexible Job -4USA Today and Healthways, a well-being improvement firm (interesting company idea) partnered up to figure out why women aged 45-55 years have a very high degree of well-being. And in doing so, they located one woman who has every characteristic that leads to well-being, so she must be the happiest woman in America Her name is Mary Claire Orenic and shes a happily-married, motherbei-of-one, physically-fit, full-time employed nicht auslagerbar of Manhattan Beach, California. And, she has a flexible job to bootWhat makes this woman so darned happy? Her entire cohort of 45-55 year-old female Boomers actually share these traits, which makes them the happiest group of people in the countryThey feel a sense of accomplishment, engagement, and meaning in their work and communityTheyre more heavily career-oriented than other women of different generationsThey have a total family income of over $120,000 but do leid view money as a top priorityThey have solid, successful marriagesTheir children are over 18 but their parents arent in need of advanced care yet, so they are in between care-giving pressures of young children and elderly parentsThey have a strong support network of family and AT LEAST FOUR close friendsTheir outlook on life in general is highly positiveAnd specifically, because Orenic works 45-60 hours each week, her career plays an important role in her well-being.Here are 5 ways that Orenics career helps her well-being we should all try theseShe asks for what she wants. At 39, she told her bosses that she was tired of sales and wanted a new challenge in mentoring others, so they created a new position for her.She telecommutes. At least two days each week, Orenic telecommutes to work from her home office.Shes an achiever. The act of working makes her want to do as well as she can. Its a positive challenge, not a negative one.separates her work and personal li ves. She even goes so far as to have 2 separate computers in her home office, one for work and one for personal use.She got serious about her education. Even though she admits to being a slacker in high school, later in life she spent five years going to night school at Pepperdine University to earn her MBA, and it paid off with her current position as Director of Business Development for Siemens Healthcare.That might seem like a tall order, but if you take the basics flexible work, balancing work and personal lives, taking initiative, staying positive, and asking for what you want those are things we can ALL do (even though we often dont). Maybe we all have the potential to become the happiest person in AmericaReaders, are you looking for a flexible job? Why do you want one? Share with us below

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Different Resume Formats - a Short Introduction

Different Resume Formats - a Short Introduction Make an effective resume or enhance the one you presently have. Looking at other resume examples when youre done with a draft of your resume will permit you to be more critical. The chronological format might be used in resumes for entry-level applicants seeking to enter an organization, together with mid-level and executive applicants who are searching for a boost to their careers. Based on your industry or whether youre an academic, you might actually have to use a CV template. Ceative Resume Templates must be drafted utilizing an official format and a professional tone. However, it might not be possible for every person to receive it right. If it comes to CV, it must be professional. Rather than taking the chance of designing CV format yourself, it is preferable to download for sample CV collection. The Dos and Donts of Different Resume Formats What you place on the top is what you would like to get seen first. Your title ought to be first, as its most important. While all resumes will need to include education and work history, the remainder of your resume format needs to be related to your occupation and background. From that point, youll be able to experience the text edition of the resumes, and see an image of the formatted resumes. The Definitive Strategy for Different Resume Formats The option is right your choice You came to the correct place to compose your combination resume. Building an expert combo-verstrker resume is not quite as easy as it appears. Whichever resume format you select, stay true to your specific nature and work experience for the best outcomes. Resume formats make certain that your best achievements are right there on the top, prepared to be noticed. Even though it might be impossible to totally extract all the appropriate information from all the kinds of formats, an individual can begin with simple measures and at least extract whatever is possible from a numb er of the known formats. The format supplies a timeline view of the full work related history, including the accomplishments and duties. There are four unique kinds of resume formats that you may use to come up with your teacher resume. The Meaning of Different Resume Formats Since you may see, the only possible shortcoming of the reverse chronological resume layout is it appears basic and unoriginal. Lets talk about such sort of formats more. Which format you select is important but also make certain your resume is well-written. To determine which resume format to use you should think of what each employer is searching for and which resume format best demonstrates that youve got the crucial attributes. The absolute most hard step here is to determine which resume format is suitable for you. Again, theres no specific or necessary format for your resume. More frequently, candidates having the necessary work experience and the most suitable sort of qualifications dont qualif y for the interview simply because their resumes do not incorporate the essential information, or the resume isnt properly drafted. You should understand, that resume format is critical, as it can boost your odds to get invited for an interview. Each resume format was made to improve your odds to find the job in 2018. Its the ideal resume format for experienced candidates that have a strong, solid work experience who are searching for a similar job. Different Resume Formats Fundamentals Explained If you fulfill the requirements necessary to find the job, the resume can help you raise the likelihood of getting a great job. One of the absolute most important tips youll be able to use during the work search procedure is to never underestimate the ability of a good resume. Creative resumes will do you more damage than good. Your challenge is to produce the cut so that you receive a chance sell yourself in person. The Fundamentals of Different Resume Formats Revealed Creative W hile its important to get a professional resume, sometimes just a little creativity and neuerung is suitable. For some jobs, youre want to highlight certain abilities, while for others, you are going to want to demonstrate related experience. By highlighting skills in place of work history, an individual can emphasize he or shes qualified for the job. Simply because youve got zero experience or its your very first job. To compose a resume, youve got to gather all the necessary data and data about you in 1 place. Consequently, anyone trying to submit an application to have a project should develop an accounting Resume Sample, even if you have the references in place. Nontraditional resumes are perfect for men and women in creative fields, who would like to demonstrate their capacity to create visually engaging designs or to make web pages. In a way, its your very first test regarding how well you stick to the employers instructions Whats Actually Happening with Different Re sume Formats Utilizing a high school student resume template can help you to fill your resume to your strong points. If you are beginning your career, or whether you are changing career fields, you may consider a different resume type. If your work asks for particular certifications, degrees or education, think about the combination resume. After you own a list of your strengths and abilities, and youve identified the crucial requirements of work, it isnt hard to tailor your resume utilizing a high school resume template. The Honest to Goodness Truth on Different Resume Formats You should also think of the position, company and industry that youre pursuing. By doing research on the organization, you might be able to find an idea what they deem to be important, and what they will be searching for in every resume they will go over. A targeted resume is utilized to focus your work search toward a particular career objective, performed in a particular industry, and for a particul ar firm. Understand however, that you have to have no less than an overall objective, for instance, a management level position in sales.